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News You Can Use! (Winter Edition)

Winter Wear and Tear:

Baby, It’s cold outside….. Wow, it’s been interesting to observe myself navigating the low, low temperatures these last two weeks. So much of what we do with horses and humans is SO weather dependent, even with an indoor arena. Yes, we have the convenience of being indoors. It’s a wonderful blessing and Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. I am GRATEFUL!!!  Full Stop!!!  🙏🏽

When the thermometer dips below -20C overnight, it becomes a serious health issue to my horses (who, by the way, did not ask to be part of this process, but that’s a blog for another day…) to bring them into an arena that is over 30 degrees warmer than outside, have them break a sweat with all we require of them, and then put them back into the deep freeze. Even with the best blankets, and perhaps full body clipping, those drastic changes are not in their best interests; mentally, physically or emotionally.

And so, all but the critical activities surrounding horse care and cold weather survival, come to a grinding halt…and the dismal task of contacting everyone for cancellation begins…

The heavy clothes are donned…. And the body must work harder to complete these outdoor tasks, then scoot bay inside to warm up and take up long neglected projects. UNLESS, a waterer has frozen shut…or open and flooding…or the furnace quits… There is no loss of possibilities and circumstances to try, test and tax the body and mind.

My personal “mind management” AKA, mental health, has become a vital concern. Yesterday I was even so bold as to toss out the D word to some friends: Depression… Yes, I feel it seeping with, along with the frost that chills me so much more quickly as I age.   I really GET Snowbirds now…..I would love to scamper off to Arizona. Time to pop some Vitamin D.

I am incredibly grateful for simple practices that keep Depression at bay.

1. Prayer; for myself and others. My simple prayers have been answered in so many ways.Tapping. CONSTANT tapping. The stealth Finger Points are THE BEST!!!! And I don’t worry about a script or saying the right thing.  I just tap, tap, tap, or use slight pressure. I have a little video so you can see how simple it is. Sleep is often elusive, as my mind gears up and wants to process EVERYHING at once. Just using the light pressure on the fingers has been a God-send!

2. TAPPING WORLD SUMMIT  Cd’s from last year’s summit, on REPEAT, in the car, my Auto University. These keep me learning, tapping and peeling back the layers of the onion. 

3. Qigong; focused meditation with a continuous check in as to how I am holding tension in my body.  One of the first steps in the meditation is repeating the “password”;  “I AM in the Universe; The Universe is in my body; The Universe and I combine together as one.”  The next step is to put a smile on my face, whether I feel like it or not.

It amazes me how much the simple act of smiling (even if I don’t have the present emotions to back up that smile) changes how my body feels and allows it to let go of tension. As I write this, I add a smile to my face, and my body instantly feels just a little lighter and freer…and that’s a good thing.

Thanks for hanging in and reading to the end…. There’s really nothing else to do, is there??? It’s STILL to cold to venture out…



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