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Healing with Horses

​"What horses need to hear from us is what many of us would like to hear from ourselves, and each other. They need us to have a calm, focused assurance. They need us to be consistent. They need us to be assertive yet non-threatening. They need us to be both strong and compassionate. In short, horses need us to be our best selves."
-Chris Irwin, Horses Don't Lie


Horses bring us a unique opportunity to work with a creature that simply cannot lie.  As prey animals, horses are extremely sensitive to our intentions and energy.  They know how we are feeling even if we don't … and their reactions reveal information about how we really come across to others.  They show us how to communicate more honestly and clearly by helping us identify self-limiting patterns that can keep us stuck.  They also reward us with trust and full engagement as soon as we become more authentic.

As we engage with our horses and feel and harness their power in a truthful and respectful process we start to feel the Native American concept of “Hunkapi”; "I am Related to Everyone".  There is safety and peace in community with the universe.

I think our Great Creator really wants us to learn to listen so that we can tune in to Eternal Possibility.  At Heart’s Haven Ranch we and our horse partners seek to create windows through which to view and hear Creator’s individualized messages to each of us.

"Native American riders, who only had access to horses for one hundred fifty to two hundred years, did one thing better than most, thereby becoming the greatest horsemen this continent has ever seen – they viewed their horses as guides and they listened to their horses.”
-GaWaNi Pony Boy


This course will reveal how horses communicate with us, and how they receive our communications through our body language. Everything we learn about the horse/human relationship is completely transferable to our human/human relationships.


In this workshop, you will have experiences that help you to understand your body as a Receiver, Tuner, and Amplifier of energetic information from multiple sources. This enhanced AWARENESS allows us much greater CHOICE and EMOTIONAL STABILITY.

HORSES are Masters at teaching us to connect with our EMOTIONS, INSTINCTS, and INTUITION. Because their very survival hinges on a moment by moment accuracy in reading their energetic environment, they have the ability to welcome us into the same process if we would like to dance with them.



In this 1.5 day workshop we will explore:

  • Experiencing  the horse as both a loving mirror and a gentle guide

  • How our breathing affects our horse and ourselves

  • Go deeper into the messages behind specific emotions, and how we can use that information to facilitate Connection

  • Learn to understand and implement the energies of the 5 Roles of a Master Herder, as taught in Linda Kohanov’s 5th book by the same title. 

  • How to engage in mutually respectful relationships with others 

  • And more...!

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If you are looking for a program that combines thought-provoking, life-changing guidance through a flexible and innovative personal platform, this course is for you. Kohanov’s approach to understanding relationships and emotion has been taught to thousands around the world, helping people create more meaningful relationships while learning more about their own emotional processes.

Self-awareness can help give you confidence in any social setting. Through this course, gain techniques to objectively assess and understand your own emotions and those around you. You will be able to use these insights to unlock the skills needed to improve your confidence and self-esteem, connect more deeply with others, and lead and influence with integrity.

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