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 What is Gramma's Garlic Syrup and what can   it contribute to your health? 

 When we lovingly nourish our bodies with foods that are close to nature, our bodies can function at their absolute best.

There are many foods that help our body's immune system to do its best job. Some of those foods are Organic Garlic, Organic Honey, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, and Distilled Water.

Creating great food can be done with simple ingredients and simple preparation at home. We don’t have to guess about what is in something when we take the actual food and create this fabulous syrup from scratch.


If I am travelling, I always have the best quality garlic capsules on hand in case I start to get a cold. BUT my personal experience is that Gramma’s Garlic Syrup is the most effective for arresting the progression of a cold or cough.

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