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  • People in TRANSITION.  Getting married, getting a new job, new baby, new business. Although these are great transitions, they often come with a lot of emotional upheaval, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. Negative transitions are even more chaotic, and people often hire a coach to act as a third party who can view all aspects of the situation with a more balanced vision, and facilitate healing and foster personal strength from the ashes of the past.

Who Hires a Life Coach?

"Life Coaching does for the rest of your life what Personal Training does for the body."

  • People, families and/or organizations who are feeling STUCK in some way.

  • People in Health Crisis who are navigating the emotions surrounding all the aspects of the demands of serious illness.

  • People looking for help in bringing together Dreams and Visions.

  • People in states of confusion and overwhelm. A good coach can help you identify and dissolve painful beliefs that are running in the background, can shift you out of helplessness and bring you back to peace. This usually helps to clear up a lot of confusion. A great coach will help you transition away from victimhood to being a happy and more powerful force in your own life and the lives of those you love.



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When you work with me, my role is to guide you in these ways:


1. Help you gain CLARITY in what you want.  Discovering your own areas of expertise, talents, passion and LIFE PURPOSE!!

2. IDENTIFY energetic blocks that have prevented you from creating more of what you want.

3. CLEARING the blocks that inhibit a full, expansive life experience.

4. RELEASING RESISTANCE to positive change. Becoming AWARE  of, and interrupting the messages in the brain’s Negative Feedback Loop.

5. INSERTING into that space, personal Self Confidence and the ability to take ACTION in ways that reveal to you your MAGNIFICENCE!

6. PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY, created in a WISE and GENTLE manner, from a place of safety.

Together we take you from spaces of overwhelm and anxiety, to control of your THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS and ACTIONS, and nurture your own tools that you use to keep bringing yourself back into BALANCE when life is unstable. 

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There are lots of types of Life Coaches out there, and personal “fit” is EVERYTHING! Just like you don’t usually marry the first person you date, shopping around for the right coach who fits your personality style and the demands of the changes you are looking for, is critical.


When you work with me, if we are a good fit, by your criteria, your client experience WILL BE TRANSFORMATIONAL!!!


I have been coaching in some capacity for over 35 years. I am Totally Passionate about the Light in each Human Spirit. I love working with the gifts of EMPATHY, HONOUR, INTUITION and INNER KNOWING. My passion for facilitating human happiness and guiding people to truly see themselves through the lens of honour, grace and Forgiveness, empowers me to help you navigate through your own set of murky life waters, and create the life of your dreams!


One of the moms at my Therapeutic Riding facility said to me, after watching me handle a situation that involved safely moving KIDS and HORSES through SMALL SPACES, “You see EVERYTHING, don’t you?” 


Yup. I do!!! 

And what I see most is individual human magnificence in everyone; even, and

especially, the 'hard to like.' 


Over the years I have chosen to train and hone these gifts through formal education in the areas of Louise Hay HEAL YOUR LIFE®  Life Coaching and Workshop Leader; EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques Level 3 Practitioner and Trainer, Eponaquest Equine Facilitated Learning Instructor, and Spring Forest Qigong Meditative Practice Group Leader. I have been blessed to have been taught and mentored by world leaders in these fields.


These modalities all pivot on the Axis of LOVE!


So, when you step into my Virtual Office on the phone or by ZOOM, or my physical office here at Heart’s Haven Ranch, you step into a space of LOVE, HONOUR and RESPECT  for your past, present and future journey. My focus is on the NOW, for this is where our power rests.  When we understand where we came from, and how and why  we think, feel and act  in this moment, we can then create a future that is very different from the parts of the past that no longer serve our souls.


I want to gift my mom some phone sessions with you. I feel like if she has your gentle and loving guidance it will open her up to her healing. You are so wonderful, Roxy. Thank you.


Your Light the World gift of coaching just came across my feed. I found myself getting excited, my breathing sped up. I wanted to read through the post. As I read it, my heart was filled!!! Overflowing with joy, excitement and the Spirit. I have never experienced that before. When people say, if you are drawn to it, or if you feel it fits… I have never felt that, and of course, wanted to. Thank you for your services. I am very grateful to you.


I appreciate your sharing your knowledge, time and love with me. So many things resonated and are just what I needed to hear. Thank you for all this follow up. Today was just perfect. 


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