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EFT and Physical Pain

One of the reasons I am promoting the Tapping World Summit so vigorously is because of the huge amount of value that I have personally received in my participation in previous world summits. I would love to share with you how I use the materials throughout the following year, and how those materials have been a catalyst for huge personal shifts in my own life.

I have been struggling for the past three years with chronic pain in my knee and hips. I had exploratory arthroscopic surgery in January of 2018 and it was found to be arthritis. Further exploration also found arthritis in my left hip and my right hip has since become involved as well. Those who see me frequently know that I now have what I call, my penguin gait.. It has been very discouraging, to say the least. There is pain in every step. Sometime debilitating pain. And the levels of discouragement that I have dealt with, and continue to navigate daily, have been new to me, and very interesting  and instructive. I can understand how people say that the pain begins to define them, and how easily it would be to fall into a pattern of feeling like a depressed victim.

And I have been constantly looking for a “cure”. My doctor, whom I respect and trust, suspects a torn labrum, and I have an angio MRI booked for July 2019. I also study the mind/body/spirit connection and look for stories of healing in both ancient and modern writings. My personal spiritual practice has me in scriptures daily, and there I read of many miraculous healings given by Christ. I also read there that we create our own miracles using our faith…. So I have been studying what that faith process can mean for my own full healing. And I am learning about paradox…another post topic. 

I am also studying modern day people who have experienced full remission and healing from chronic and debilitating illness. One of those people is Dr. Kim D’Eramo.  She is a medical doctor and worked/works in ER medicine. She also has a private practice, and she has been a proponent of mind/body and energy medicine for years, ever since she experienced her own refiner’s fire with autoimmune issues and debilitating fatigue  and unknown illness. She uses EFT extensively in her practice, and helps us to understand how our own personal thought patterns and subconscious beliefs can create dis-ease in the body, and also how to let go of those conditions and RECEIVE the fullness that is available to us.

This resonates with my personal spiritual practice and scripture which tells me to “come and buy milk and honey without price”, “as a man thinketh, so is he” , “ask and ye shall receive” and “your faith has made thee whole.” There are so many things that we don’t understand about the energetics of how our bodies react to stress and the experiences we  encounter in our lives, and especially the stories that we tell ourselves about those experiences and the meaning that we attach to them as well. Those are the spots where we have real Choice, if we can just understand the subtlety and power  of those thought patterns, and release them.

I’m sharing this short video by Dr. Kim. I suspect she will be a key speaker in the Tapping World Summit. You will be able to hear her presentation yourself, and tap along with her, and crack the lid to the box of your own healing possibilities.

I LOVE EFT because it is based in LOVE, SELF ACCEPTANCE, and PERSONAL CHOICE!!! We only really have choice when we have deeper understanding of the roots of our own behavior.

Join me in the 2019 Tapping World Summit. It’s a fabulous venue for help in releasing energy blocks and uncovering more of who you already are!!!

The fabulous part of this is that it’s FREE to listen to and tap along to, EVERY DAY for 10 Whole days!!!! Imagine the shifts you could experience during that time!!!

Please  click on the link and join me…..and comment on this post. I’d love to hear your story…..and your heart!!!

Much Love,


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