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Welcome Friends; I'm Excited to Walk with You

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Hello my Friend,

I call you friend because we have connected some way in the past. Perhaps you are a riding student, took one of my workshops, or we met at a trade show or some other interaction. Regardless, I consider ALL people Friends. The Lakota First Nation People have a term that describes my feelings well. HUNKAPI; I am connected to everything. Quantum science is now proving what the Ancients have understood for millennia; we really ARE all connected. Trees, rocks, air, water, people.....there is an intricately balanced web that we are all part's thrilling to see that things that so many thought were "woo woo" a few short years ago are now being scientifically proven. This knowledge helps me feel like I Belong here....on this wonderful planet with all of you.

Just 10 days ago one of my daughters gave birth to her second child. As I watched her in her last trimester, being"heavy with child", and slugging through the tedium of waiting and watching and feeling that wondrous life growing inside her, I was drawn to reflect on how we all go through " trimesters" in our lives. Our first 30 years are learning years, where we are laying foundations of knowledge, strength and stamina. The next 30 years we reap the fruits of those foundations, and are usually able to expand our experiences in relative security of career, home and family. I am entering my Third Trimester of life. I turn 60 this year!!!! I can't help but reflect how much I remember that third trimester of pregnancy, with all its wonder, expectation, excitement....and Fatigue. This amazing miracle of growing a human inside another human, is both exhilarating and exhausting. Finishing the course well requires wisdom, a sense of pace, and faith that everything will work out. In the last trimester of gestation, the fetus is doing "finishing work". Everything is in just all needs to mature into its full wholeness. As I step into my third trimester of mortal life, I feel like I am just gearing up in knowledge, wisdom and experience, along with the heaviness of physical age.

With the soup of my mortal existence bubbling and percolating inside me, comes a huge desire to share what I've learned, and bless the lives of others-- you, if you are interested in sampling some of my thoughts, and accessing some of the resources I have discovered, and benefited from along the way. I am on the precipice of launching a website, where I will endeavour to present a myriad of services, from workshops, private wellness sessions, blog posts and also links to resources that have blessed my life, heart and soul.

We are ALL divine, magnificent beings already. My intent is to share some things that I have learned that may raise your AWARENESS to the POWER that is inside of you, and me, and everyone, to simply uncover, as Louise Hay says, "more of who you ALREADY are". Louise teaches that we don't need to try to become "better" people, we just need to let go of any extra energy that no longer serves us, and let who we already are, shine through in its full magnificence. I heard a story about someone who was talking with Michelangelo and asking him how it was that he could take the huge white marble block, and create the exquisite statue of David. Michelangelo replied, "I simply chipped away everything that wasn't David."

Over the years that I spent as a foster parent, I would often visit with a dear friend and Psychologist, Dr. Robert Harris. Dr. Bob, as he was affectionately known by many, was a grandfatherly giant who stood 6'4", and lived and worked out of a tiny house in Calgary, Alberta. He would sit in his rocking chair and listen to my heart. One of the things he always said was, "We create ourselves." At first I thought that was a pretty crazy statement, for if it was true, it terrifyingly returned a huge amount of responsibility for my life right back into my own lap..... I now understand with so much more clarity, what he meant. It is TRUE!!!! "I AM a CREATOR"I invite you to come and explore with me.... I'd love to walk with you, and share ideas that may transform your life.



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