Horse Body Language

Introductory course for the Riding Ready! Series

CA$ 40


Here is a Taste Test of what Heart’s Haven Ranch has to offer in our GLOBAL CLASSROOM!!!


Get ready to ride with this 1.5 HOUR online class that will teach you to read the body language of horses. You will also learn how horses live in wild or domestic herds and why that knowledge is helpful if you want to learn to Speak Horse. We will teach you how the herd chooses a leader and how weather affects the behavior of a horse. You will learn to interact with a horse to gain his trust so he will follow your lead on the ground and in the saddle. The class will be discussion-based, with critical thinking input from the students, and video analysis to see the discussed concepts in action. All videos are of our herd here at Heart's Haven Ranch.


We will do breathing and body awareness exercises that students can use when they meet a real horse and in their human relationships. Horses read energy coming from the thoughts and bodies of herd mates. When we are with horses, they see us as a herd member. You will learn about your energy and how to influence another creature with your thoughts and breathing.


This course is a foundational class and the first in a series of ongoing classes in all aspects of horsemanship.


Roxy is an Award-winning Equestrian Canada Riding Instructor and has taught this class and other classes to clients as far away as Kenya, England, New Zealand, USA, and Turkey.


All classes are on ZOOM. Contact us to schedule your personalized time for this class. Daytime classes are available. Maximum 4 people per class for the optimal experience. 

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