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Expanding Our Intuition With the Guidance of the Horse

In Person Eponaquest Horse Experience

Interested in hosting this course at your barn? 


Animal brown horse


  • the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

  • a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

We are in the INFORMATION and TECHNOLOGY AGE and information overload is rampant and insidious. It can feel overwhelming to keep up with new technology and best practices in all arenas of life when information changes in the blink of an eye. We are all living this right now. 

We are also in the JUDGEMENT AGE, where keyboard warriors can chew someone up and spit them out at lightning speed. We are embroiled in social systems that tell us how to act and be, even if those ways are not aligned with who we really are inside. 


These phenomena are based in full-blown FEAR and erode one of the basic human needs for emotional health. CONNECTION. We can only safely connect with each other when we can TRUST our own INTUITION and where it leads us.


When we feel SEPARATE from each other, it is easier to blame, judge, and point fingers at behaviour we see in others. What we are really trying to subconsciously do is to reconcile and heal our hidden memories of those same behaviours within ourselves. This SEPARATION life-view can plunge any of us into emotionally dark places.

Where is the OASIS? It is INSIDE each of us.

As our personal AWARENESS rises, along with growing self COMPASSION,  we can begin to release the energy that is holding us in that fear, and SAFELY relax into our true AUTHENTIC self and relearn how to safely experience and TRUST our INTUITION. 


To quote my teacher and mentor, Linda Kohanov:

“Horses have a tremendous capacity to highlight our hidden gifts, our wounds, our vulnerabilities, and our worn-out worldly habits. And yet somehow they manage to be discerning without a hint of judgment, communicating that at the core, we too are beautiful, powerful, and wise, capable of endless renewal.

“Looking at my own reflection through the eyes of Tabula Rasa, I came to see human dysfunctions as surface scintillations, dramatic and sometimes irritating to be sure, but certainly not set in stone. Whenever I managed, through grace or sheer stubborn will, to let go of an old pattern and embody a fresh perspective, Rasa would mirror the transformation, welcoming me home to an ever-deeper understanding of who I really was. And without the slightest hint of ambition, she would continually up the ante, stretching, relentlessly, my own limited ideas about my place in the world, my calling, my untapped potential, and even, as it turns out, the nature of reality itself.”

In this 1.5 day workshop we will explore:

  • Experiencing  the horse as both a loving mirror and a gentle guide

  • How our breathing affects our horse and ourselves

  • Go deeper into the messages behind specific emotions, and how we can use that information to facilitate Connection

  • Boundaries, and the way they can be clearly set with compassion and love, thus enabling the safety to connect

  • Understand how to use that information with the exact intensity needed, by understanding the Energy Dial

  • Understand the programs that run in the background of our subconscious mind and how they got there, and how to proactively choose which program to run at any given time as we encounter the Power of the Herd

  • Learn to understand and implement the energies of the 5 Roles of a Master Herder, as taught in Linda Kohanov’s 5th book by the same title. 

  • How to engage in mutually respectful relationships with others 

  • Body Scan Meditations to access deeper Mindfulness

No horse experience necessary. All activities are on the ground with carefully trained horses who are experienced teachers of people from all walks of life.

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