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Doorway to Intuition & Connection

In Person Eponaquest Horse Experience

Interested in hosting this event at your barn?



One of our basic human needs is meaningful connection to self, others, and our environment. Without connection, humans can fall into patterns of addiction, depression, and often disease.


In our "new world," where social distancing, fear, and suspicion are our "new normal," we need real, solid connections more than ever.


"In the 21st century, we are ALL at risk." ~Dr. Martin Brokenleg, Psychologist and Author in the fields of trauma, resilience and Native American Studies


When we can reconnect with ourselves, a bond most of have not felt since childhood, a whole world of joy and possibilities opens up.


In this workshop, you will have experiences that help you to understand your body as a Receiver, Tuner, and Amplifier of energetic information from multiple sources. This enhanced AWARENESS allows us much greater CHOICE and EMOTIONAL STABILITY.


HORSES are Masters at teaching us to connect with our EMOTIONS, INSTINCTS, and INTUITION. Because their very survival hinges on a moment by moment accuracy in reading their energetic environment, they have the ability to welcome us into the same process if we would like to dance with them.


You will learn the following:

  • To use emotions as information to develop Emotional Agility

  • An eloquent 4 step method horses use to understand the messages behind emotions

  • To activate our internal GPS to develop greater emotional clarity and self-trust

  • How the blending of intellect and intuition help build deeper personal emotional stability


This workshop teaches Linda Kohanov's basic Eponaquest philosophies and skills delivered through non-riding horse activities.


"My BODY is the HORSE my MIND runs around on." ~ Linda Kohanov, Eponaquest Founder


"The body IS the subconscious mind." ~ Dr. Candace Pert, Psychoneuroimmunologist and author of The Molecules of Emotion


This workshop is the first in the series, "Creating a More Stable ME in an Unstable World."

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