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This course can no longer be booked.

Horsemanship is a Relationship

Join us for the second Riding Ready! Course!!!

  • Ended
  • 75 Canadian dollars
  • Online Session

This 3-day experience builds on my one-day foundational class, Riding Ready! Understanding Horse Body Language. Each lesson is 1.5 hours. I use lots of videos taken here at the ranch, critical thinking discussions, as well as actual body involvement for the physical skills. We even throw in some short meditations for enhanced personal awareness, because our relationship with ourselves, and our AWARENESS of our thoughts and feelings guide our relationship with our horse. The big horse/human relationship picture is broken down into smaller concepts so that you can see how to build a relationship with a horse, step by step. You will discover personal body awareness skills, which you can then learn to apply to your interactions with your horse partner. You will see in the videos how to use the skills we discuss. As you come to understand that the horse that moves the other horse’s body is the leader, you will learn to do that with your thoughts, feelings, intentions, and physical movements. You will become empowered to partner with these huge animals to create some pretty awesome experiences. As an award-winning Equestrian Canada Certified Riding Instructor and Centered Riding Instructor, I have taught these concepts for many years, to hundreds of children and adults from as far away as Kenya, England, New Zealand, USA, and Turkey. All classes are on ZOOM.

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