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Qigong (pronounced “chee-GONG”) is a Chinese energy healing or energy balancing technique that has been practiced for over 7000 years. Qigong principles form the basis of all Chinese medicine. The base concept is that all Qi is intended to flow smoothly and continuously; to be in harmony and in balance with the Universal Qi: energy, air, breath, vitality, Universal force of life.

Qi: means energy, with life force, a blueprint and intelligence

Gong:  means work, use, practice, transform, cultivate, refine

Qigong is a practice of learning how energy works in your body, and in relation and connection with the Universe. In Spring Forest Qigong, we balance  and cultivate energy. When our energy is balanced, our  physical, emotional and spiritual aspects are more balanced and we enjoy more robust health.

Spring Forest Qigong is a science.

It’s the study of the flow of energy in our body and in nature. When qi flows smoothly in the body, life is good and you are physically and mentally healthy. When the flow of qi is interrupted, energy blockages form and can lead to physical or mental health disruptions .

In a Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group, we meet on Zoom once a week for an hour. There is a teaching segment to the group and then we practice together, ask questions,  and share our experiences. 

Some of the Topics we will explore are: What is Qigong? How is Spring Forest Qigong Different from other forms of Qigong? Meditation Postures, 5 Healing Movements, Power of Our Thoughts, Sharing of Healing Stories, Power of Sound, Sources of Healing Power, Small Universe Meditation, Simple Healing Techniques.

Qigong practice combines meditation, breathing techniques, movements and postures of the body to activate and cultivate this vital energy called qi.

Join us in a consistent, weekly practice, and discover the Joy that will expand as you engage more deeply with your own energy and that of the Universe

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