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Hi, My name is Roxy Wright 

I am an Award Winning Equestrian Canada Riding Instructor, a Therapeutic Riding Instructor, and a Centered Riding Instructor

I am also an Eponaquest Recommended Instructor.

I guide people who are feeling stressed, burnt out, fearful, disconnected, depressed and /or in relationship turmoil, to create Peace and Success in their personal and professional lives. 

Horses are often my best facilitation partners in these engagements with people. 

One of the ways I do this is through my collaboration with world renowned facilitator, researcher and author, and trainer of people and horses, Linda Kohanov.

Linda has created this stand-alone course, Connections 101, which is a deep introduction to the work we engage inat Eponaquest, in Tucson, Arizona. The Eponaquest Experience assists people in understanding the roadblocks we accidently put up to feeling connected with ourselves, others and the world around us.

(As an Eponaquest Recommended Instructor I am skilled at facilitating in person horse experiences here at Heart’s Haven Ranch, that will gently guide you into the mysteries of the precursors to behaviour.)

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Whenever a horse “misbehaves” a good horseperson always asks, “What happened before what happened happened?”


Horses rely on their own awareness skills to both survive and thrive. Humans do, as well, but we have unlearned the ability to be present and aware in our lives, and that leaves us vulnerable to the buffetings of life’s turbulence, which can keep us feeling overwhelmed, stressed and always on the edge of burnout. 

Through her work with horses, Linda has spent her career helping people better understand themselves and others through social and emotional intelligence and reading others’ nonverbal cues. Her unique and proven method will equip you with the tools to apply this skill in your life to make healthy changes.

In this short video, I will take you through a couple of easy, brief exercises that will raise your awareness of how your body reacts to both your thoughts and your actions, and how those reactions can impact your relationships with others and yourself.


There are more intriguing and enlightening experiences to be had in Linda’s full Connections 101 course. 

(click here to go directly to the course)

If you want to take your experiences and wisdom gained from the online Connections 101 course, into real time with a horse, we can meet together here at Heart’s Haven Ranch, and engage with my 4 legged, furry professionals.

I can also meet with you online, from anywhere in the world, in a private coaching setting, to expand your personal awareness of the blockages in your system that prevent you from creating the Peace and Joy that you desire. When you gain that awareness, and then the emotional and social intelligence skills that can accompany it, you can create a much more emotionally STABLE relationship with yourself and others.

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Without this awareness, coupled with the skills you will acquire in this course, you may continue to search for Peace, Happiness, Emotional Stability and Interpersonal Connections in places that simply don’t produce lasting emotionally healthy relationships.

With this awareness and these skills, you will be able to create the life you always dreamed could be yours.

(click here to enroll now)

You may:

1. Boost your Self-               Confidence: 


     Come to understand yourself more fully so that       you can live decisively. Learn to be assertive         without being aggressive.

4. Quickly Read a Room:


   Access and interpret others’ body language and           changes in behaviour to improve your social and         professional interactions.

2. Conquer Stress: 


    Overcome powerful emotions that lead to stress or        anxiety. Calmly manage conflict, master fears, and      set healthy boundaries in stressful situations.

5. Enjoy Life More Fully


   Strengthen your personal connections by mastering       your own emotions. Learn to improve creativity,           practice mindfulness, and trust your own intuition.

3. Improve Your Emotional Health:


    Learn to read the messages behind your  emotions so that          you can make wise decisions and operate from a place of          balance and peace.

You stand at the Doorway to Information, Wisdom and a Skill Building Experience that can bring you Massive Results IF implemented correctly. 
BUT, unless you understand where your own limiting beliefs and roadblocks lie, and acquire the simple, effective techniques that dissolve those blocks, you may continue to feel overwhelmed by the stressors of life, and miss out on so much PEACE, JOY and CONTENTMENT.

(click here to enroll now)

It’s like having the keys to a gorgeous car and not being able to drive it.


So, if you’d like to engage your awareness and acquire the skills to boost your Self Confidence, Conquer Stress, Quickly Read a Room, and Enjoy Life More Fully, step into the world of Connections 101 with world renowned Resercher, Speaker, Author and Trainer of both horses and people, Linda Kohanov.  Her 5 books have been translated into multiple languages and she and her team have personally trained over 300 Eponaquest Instructors on 5 continents.

I am HONOURED to be one of those instructors.

(click here to enroll now)

Learn to be a better communicator. Maintain healthy and lasting relationships. Motivate and positively influence friends, family, and colleagues.

Using scientific research, professional experience and the wisdom of the horses, Linda Kohanov’s Connections 101 Course will help you develop greater emotional self-awareness and strengthen your ability to connect with others.

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